Dowling Investigations, LLC


Dowling Investigations, LLC is an upwardly mobile private investigative agency which initiated numerous investigations that otherwise would not have been pursued. The goal is to ensure that its clients receive quality detailed investigative services. We gained a reputation for quick and accurate assessment of situations using strong analytical and troubleshooting skills. Dowling is the owner of over 1.7 billion personal information records and provides professional consultation in criminal defense, industrial theft, background checks, and accident investigative cases. We are excellent with the use of both the technical and creative skills of photography. Dowling Investigations, LLC has the capability to work both domestic and internationally. We have extensive knowledge of the latest technology equipment as well as the ability to see and understand things from another person's perspective. We have over 37 years combined law enforcement and private investigative knowledge and specializes in both State and Federal Criminal Defense Investigations. We are familiar with various aspects of business, personal, and criminal law. To date we have won over 95% of all cases. We are members Chamber of Private Detectives (Life-time Membership) Legal Discover (Lifetime Member) International Private Investigators Union (Life-time Professional Management Membership) International Organization of Private Intelligence Agencies (Lifetime Membership) P.I. Museum; Vidocq Charter Founder's Circle Member Orangeburg County Branch NAACP (Silver Life Subscribing) AAPR (Lifetime - Membership) Pro P.I. Group (Member) U.S. Process Server Locator (Lifetime - Membership) World's Best Private Investigators Network (Member) Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five (2015 -District Volunteer of The Year) Paradise Masonic Lodge, Augusta, Georgia (Inactive Member) South Carolina State University (National Alumni Association, Inc.) Life-time Membership Collective Black People Movement (Member) Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS Athletic Booster Club (Member) Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS Band Booster Club (Member) Children Rights To Eat " No ID.....No Food!" Advocate National Association of Black Private Investigators (Member) Colon Cancer Advocate, International Private Investigator Directory (Lifetime Membership) Know Your Rights Advocate National Minority Business Enterprise Awards: 1998 National Award (Private Eye of The Year) Best of the Best

A highly talented Private Detective with huge experience in conducting investigations for clients and preparing evidence for court proceedings; often involved with matters of insurance, missing persons and character enquirer.


P.O. Box 779
Orangeburg, South Carolina 29116
United States

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24 hrs. per day (7 days per week)

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