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Through a partnership with the 123 Chambers associated with the US Black Chambers, Inc. and Millions Two One, LLC, the Largest Black Business Directory in the World, the USBC Directory is the best way to find Black businesses in your local area and around the globe!  The USBC Directory gives users access to Black businesses, Black organizations, Black news and Black entertainment in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Islands and in Africa.  


Through the US Black Chambers' Five Pillars of Service: Advocacy, Access to Capital, Contracting, Entrepreneur Training and Chamber Development, the United States Black Chambers, Inc. exists to empower Black businesses.  Search our directory of Black Businesses to locate soul food, Black museums, HBCUs, Black banks, Black hair salons, Black churches, Black doctors and more!  Use the USBC Directory to support Black businesses today and everyday!


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The USBC Directory provides news and headlines from the African American perspective through a variety of African American, African-Caribbean And African-owned media while giving users access to events, activities and information in the African diaspora and throughout the world.


The USBC Directory provides a platform to locate career opportunities for individuals currently seeking employment and individuals seeking a career change.  USBC Directory partners with businesses, organizations, governments and entrepreneurs to assist with decreasing the unemployment rate in the African American community.


The USBC Directory's ultimate goals are to educate African Americans on the importance of investing into their communities and to assist in the increase of the circulation of the dollar in the African American community by way of African American Chambers of Commerce and Black Businesses.