Physicians are Entrepreneurs

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April 03, 2017 By Denise Walker

“We simply care! We have a love for doctors and want to give them access to technology that hospitals have. We want to assist doctors by helping them to thrive in their revenue cycle and to stand strong as entrepreneurs,” responded James Alexander, CEO of JITA Medical Billing & Consulting during an interview with Millions Two One.  “Sometimes you have to help people when they need you without the motivation of financial increase.  We just want to assist doctors in managing their business the right way,” Alexander continued.  

JITA Medical Billing & Consulting is a multi-faceted revenue cycle management solution, training, marketing and management consulting firm. JITA Medical Billing & Consulting provides services key to increasing rapid returns from medical payers, productivity amongst staff while eliminating mistakes in coding.  Jita Medical Billing & Consulting is a complete billing solution. 

"To be honest, my entire academic career was structured on becoming a doctor.  However, when I went to college, I realized that I loved being in front of the television camera, so I took a detour for some time.  I spent some years producing in the television industry.  I finally found my way back to healthcare,” Alexander explained. 

It all began as a conversation between Alexander and a few of his family members. They were discussing starting a family business that would make a difference in communities. “Our family believes in leaving a legacy,” stated Alexander.  Healthcare finance was the field of choice. They then began to ponder how they could be different from others in the healthcare industry.  Alexander then went on a research journey. He spent most of 2013 doing research on current trends in healthcare and gathering knowledge about the industry.  He took the time to also connect with experts in the field. 

In 2014, Alexander took an enormous leap of faith from television and media production to make a difference in the field of healthcare. Alexander founded JITA Medical Billing & Consulting. Today, Alexander invests in new technology that will help medical practices sustain or expand. 

"When owning their own practice, doctors have to wear two hats.  They have to be businessmen/businesswomen and physicians.  Unfortunately, they cannot be one or the other. I tell doctors that it is always important to make sure that you look at your reports," expressed Alexander.  "When you are at the office, you should be getting reports of the funds that are coming in every day."

"Numbers don't lie.  You can't get past the numbers.  These numbers are verified and can be traced.  We allow physicians to see the numbers for what they are.  As a company, we want our doctors to avoid audits," said Alexander.   

"There was a survey of independent doctors taken a few years that discovered that an average of $175,000 was embezzled per facility.  Many doctors are putting their overall management in the hands of individuals who do not know how to run facilities," highlighted Alexander.  Many times we see old friends, family and spouses managing some of these facilities.  There are horror stories of employees stealing from doctors.  As a billing company, we see where everything is going and if there are issues, we raise awareness."

In the age of Medicare and Medicaid fraud in which it is estimated that $60 Billion dollars are stolen annually in Medicare fraud.  "Sometimes you have to be there to say no," says Alexander.


"For smaller practices, we make adjustments to fit that facility.  We are willing to work with all sizes.  No facility is too small.  If a doctor is willing to help people, he should have support from people that are willing to help them," noted Alexander.  

"At Jita Medical Billing and Consulting, we consider ourselves a family.  If you join our family, as a family we are going to do everything that we can to make sure that you exist, that you make it and that you survive.  We are different because we care. We do not see doctors as numbers.  Doctors are individuals.  [If they have an issue] they can call us and talk to us," said Alexander.  We have a vast network of billers and coders throughout the country in addition to other relationships that are geared around our doctors and helping them out.  We have a love for doctors.  We care."

If your medical practice would like to retain the services of Jita Medical Billing and Consulting, please log on to or contact CEO, James Alexander at (321) 209-2714.

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Written by

Denise Walker