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Banking Black!

Thank you to Brian of the Black Directory for your leadership during these trying times. I was able to “Bank Black” with Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta and apply for my PPP and EIDL with your help!

May 2020

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Work performed for BP

BP reached out to Brian with a request to have a member travel to their office to trouble shoot error issues with the (2) APC XR modules attached to their APC LX UPS located in the second floor server room. After four hours of being on location, our team corrected the issue. They communicated that an HVAC failure had occurred creating a high temp issue and that maintenance had shut down the UPS. Upon restoring air conditioning and powering up the UPS, it was noted that both XR units would not restore and showed error codes. Upon arrival, we noted that the LX unit appeared to be operating normally with no error codes. However, both XR units were in error which would indicate a loss of communication to the main unit. Our team pulled up the code information and attempted to reseat the communication cards located in the top rear of the XR units. The reseat procedure failed to restore communication to the units. We called the APC tech line and went through the procedure once again to affirm our suspicion that the cards had been cooked due to the overheat condition the units had been placed in during the outage. We requested information concerning replacement cost for the communication cards (Approx $500 each) and we asked if there was an existing warranty. We were informed that the units were manufactured in 2007 and that any and all warranties had expired in 2017. We told them for the short haul that we would most likely replace the comm cards and then request proposals for replacement of the units under the APC “Trade-in” program.

February 2020

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"It wasn't until I joined the Black Directory that I learned about the benefits of partnering with others in my industry. Brian Morse connected me with ChokoMode, the fashion brand from New York. ChokoMode's designer Marcell and I have been able to make money together with our consignment sales. Since then, I made my retail space available for several other designer's in my local community to sell ChokoMode's merchandise. It's a win, win, win because my retail customers in southern California can now add New York fashion to their LA shopping experience with Ali Don®." Black Directory Member, Aliyah Donaldson of Ali Don, Inc.

November 2019

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