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Simply Victorious Boutique is an apparel and accessories company for men, women, and children with God's love in the center. We have something for everyone. Our sizes range from Newborn to 5XL with a variety of colors and a host of different products to choose from. Simply Victorious Boutique set the standard for those who want to make a bold yet confident statement in their fashion and stand out from the crowd. Our Mission The mission of Simply Victorious Boutique is simple - We continually strive to spread our love for God, inspire, encourage, comfort and uplift others by sharing our testimony through the statements on our products. While T-Shirts were the primary way that Simply Victorious Boutique started we also fulfill this mission through our newsletters, prayer request, podcast, and our champion community of bold and victorious lovers of God! History Simply Victorious Boutique’s Founder and CEO, Yolanda Gregory, founded the company November 12, 2010. She wanted a creative way, where she could share her faith and testimony with boldness yet confident and courageous with style with God being at the center of it all. She wanted a place where FAITH+BOLDNESS+STYLE= CONFIDENCE. For years she would dib and dab into her vision. Then in October 2016 her world slightly changed; she was rushed to the hospital. The doctors informed her that she was one step from having a stroke due to stress. The position she held at work; came with tremendous responsibility, and being out for a long period of time was not possible. At that moment she realized, it was more stable working for God than her current position, so she decided that enough was enough and she had to stop procrastinating and carry out the vision God gave her years prior. Yolanda started with $197.00, a notepad, a host of T-Shirt designs and a WHOLE lot of Faith! Simply Victorious Boutique was finally born. On April 2, 2017, Simply Victorious Boutique launched and hit the ground running with three of those designs. While still working full-time, she would come home and work long hours alongside her parents who are very hands-on and creative in the business but would much rather be in the background of things. There were times she wanted to quit where she doubted herself and her capabilities - but was encouraged by how God always gave her the victory throughout her life no matter the obstacle or challenge and that’s what kept her going. November 6, 2017, Yolanda made a completely radical yet obedient decision to resign from her 11-year career to pursue her vision and dream full time. With no clue on what God was doing she trusted his process and took that leap of faith knowing that he was going to make a way for her. That leap of faith had its challenges; she had to fight through naysayers, non-supporters, false people, slander, persecution, laughs from those that thought it was behind her back and most of all the enemy who tried to make her doubt herself, but she remembered what God told and promised her. Her focus and inspiration came from those who supported her and wrote to share their testimony behind the statements to keep pushing because she realized that it was more to this than just products it was a ministry first! Simply Victorious Boutique is changing lives in so many ways; it's an even greater honor hearing the stories of people sharing their faith boldly, their stories behind the statements and bringing people to Christ because of the message that was communicated through Simply Victorious Boutique apparel and accessories.


Baltimore, Maryland
United States

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Lola Broyer
Houston Texas
Its Something For Everybody

I had the pleasure of ordering from Simply Victorious Boutique. The products are amazing and the customer service is impeccable! I've ordered the I Make Victorious Moves tees for my husband and I for a date night with friends. The quality is amazing. Went back and ordered the open heart necklace, and two mugs. Definitely gained a customer.

April 2018

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